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Molecular Imaging Research Center of Harbin Medical University and Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science Research Center of Harbin Medical University are the domestic first-class organization in molecular imaging research and science instrume- nt developing field. The center is composed by many professional technologists, possesses superior research condition and gets fruitful research achievement.
The center has a plenty of different subject talents, including physics, electronics, engineering, materials science, imaging and nuclear medicine, oncology, nanomedicine, molecular biology, pharmacy, chemistry, radiochemistry. 84% technique professionals have PhD, 90% young and middle-aged professionals have experience of study abroad.
Center researches field mainly include simaging methods and instrument engineering research, molecular imaging probes synthesis and clinical application transformation. Center is constituted by seven research departments, Including instrument research and development and molecular imaging. It also is equipped with advanced instruments research relevantequipment and molecular imaging instruments. Including network analyzer, logic analyzer, noise analyzer, TOF-PET/CT/MR imaging system, PETtrace840 Cyclotron, Positron drug synthesis system, Mirco-PET/CT, Micro-MRI, Optical small animals imaging system. Our center is an important platform for science instruments development, cancer research in vivo, basic research results transforma- tion, academic exchange and technical cooperation.
The goal of center is building an internationalized and multi-subjects cooperation molecular imaging research platform. We have made amazing achievements in the past years, succeed to get more than 60 items of science projects, including National 973 plan project, Ministry of science and technology project of international cooperation, major joint research program etc. We Published more than 80 SCI papers (highest IF=15.409) and have more than 7 patents, including National Invention Patent, international PCT patent and patent for utility models. We edited the first of Chinese molecular imaging monographs—"Molecular Imaging", the first edition and the second edition. We translated the molecular imaging textbook "Molecular Imaging: Practice and Principle". We got more than 40 awards, including National science and technology progress second prize etc.