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Radiochemical Molecular Imaging

Radiochemistry Group



In vivo PET imaging of U87MG xenografted mice by [68Ga]Ga-NOTA-PRGD2


In vivo imaging of transplanted tumors by OSP-1 and OSP-S. A, decay-corrected whole-body coronal microPET images of 143B and UM-SCC1 tumor–bearing mice at 30, 60, and 120 min after injection of 3.7 MBq(100 μCi) of 18F-FP-OSP-1 or 18F-FP-OSP-S.


Imaging of MDM2 expression in MCF-7 xenografts inBALB/c mice


Representative PET images of INS-1 tumor mice at 1h and 2 h postinjection of

[18F]FNEM-[Cys40]-exendin-4 (30 μCi) for the control and blocking groups

18F-MPG clinical trial: PET/CT imaging in different NSCLC patients, the SUV value in EGFR 19-del patients are obviously higher than that in EGFR wild type and EGFR/T790M patients (P<0.05)1475889569694416.png