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Animal Imaging Platform

Gas Anesthesia Machine

The Gas Anesthesia machine is a compact, modular system, intended to match the highest technical requirements of animal labs that do not compromise on quality. Typical gas anesthesia procedures involve an induction phase and a maintenance phase. The unique digital flowmeter, coupled to non-refurbished vaporizers result in an innovative yet sturdy and reliable system to anesthetize animals of virtually any size and up to 6 animals simultaneously. A wide range of components and accessories, most of which can be added in a scalable manner, making the system modular and with an excellent value, and enabling to customize and expand the anesthesia system upgrading from a basic to a full system (with induction boxes, breathing circuits with masks of any size, switch valves, delivery systems for multiple animals, active and passive scavengers, etc.). It can provide precise and optimal for multiple animals, also can provide the reliable and precise delivery of the anesthetic gas.