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Animal Imaging Platform


The new Super Argus PET/CT is the Argus PET/CT scanners evolution. The new scanner combine the "Unique Phoswich DOI Technology" permits extending PET/CT studies to bigger animals. The configurations available in axial FOV are 2, 4 or 6 rings. Super Argus has been designed with the aim of satisfy the professionals needs which allows a high throuput (up to 10 mices at the same time). The new CT is focused on low dose, fast scaning time, high resolution mode and advanced applications (dual energy and dual exposure). Though the Super Argus PET/CT imaging system we can get a perfect combination of anatomical and functional and metabolic imaging of the same position in vivo in small animals simultaneously. Super Argus PET/CT apply a new generation of double LYSO/GSO crystal technology, significantly improved not only resolution but also sensitivity compared with single LYSO, LSO, GSO crystal or APD detectors. Super Argus applies the longest crystal thickness (15 mm, 7 mm LYSO + 8 mm GSO) with high stability and high signal transmission speed, and by using the latest electronic technology shows the swift response time and excellent count rate capability. The quantitative ability is better than that of traditional system. Each aspect sensitivity (1.38%) is the highest around the world in the pre-clinical animal positron emission tomography systems, which can detect the smallest lesions or receptor, preferably suitable for the research of oncology, neurology, cardiology, toxicology and disease biology.