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Nanomedicine Platform

Waters E2695 HPLC

Waters High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) is particularly suitable for the separation and analysis of compounds with high boiling point, high molecular weight, strong polarity and poor thermal stability. It has the characteristics of high separation efficiency, fast analysis speed and wide range of applications. With its integrated solvent and sample management capabilities, provides the flexibility and ruggedness needed to accommodate an enormous range of HPLC separation challenges. The various components in the sample are quickly separated and then analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. It provides high performance and reliability while ensuring high reliability and ease of use. It covers a wide flow range from preparative flow, microflow to nanoflow, and supports applications including analysis, quality control, and advanced proteomics. It is also equipped with a radioactive detector (and diode array UV detector (DAD)) for the analysis, purification and structural confirmation of radiolabels.